The Last Man On Earth ( 1964 )
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Stephen DeMay
2020-01-18 01:44:54 UTC
The Italians made a lot of vampire movies in this era so no surprise this tale of infected vampire/zombies would make the spaghetti green light list.
Box office magnet Vincent Price is all aflutter keeping plague created shambling weak assed blood seekers at bay. Never thinks of moving out of his main attraction cottage even tho his erstwhile best friend shows up every night calling his last name at the front door. Certainly creeps out the audience but not in the expected way.
Vince lives a predictable life...staking and burning during the daylight hours, putting up with the noisy neighbor at night.
Script is so bogus Price can still use years old gasoline and garlic. Like most of the Italian horrors of this period thrills and chills are nowhere to be found.
A mutant babe shows up late in the story . Best that can be said about that is at least there wasn't a Last Woman On Earth follow up.
As is often the case in theselow rent genre pieces the strongest moment belongs to an animal. Only stayed because I recalled there was a dog in the script.
The attempt at cruel irony at the end is only another layer of a cruel lack of quality. 2/10 two for the pups
2020-01-19 03:39:50 UTC
"This Week in Zoophilia Movie Reviews"
Stephen DeMay
2020-01-19 13:41:53 UTC
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"This Week in Zoophilia Movie Reviews"
The usual garbage post that passes for contribution true to the history and spirit of rampf. My posts are the only accurate reviews of films on the web or anywhere. I submit them as a nose thumbing at a fucked up world,