"Things currently look rather bleak for Blu-ray."
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2021-09-08 21:17:33 UTC
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2021-09-08 22:33:01 UTC
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Not really. Apple has for the first time just released one of their
Apple TV shows on Blu-ray format ... despite the fact that no recent
Apple computer ships with a DVD drive and none have ever shipped with a
Blu-ray drive.

Blu-ray itself may or may not be replaced by HD / 4K (or 8K, 16K,
etc.), but disc formats in some form are likely to be around for a
while yet. Most things are still being released on the even older DVD

The reality is, that like the resurgance of vinyl records, some people
simply like to own an actual real product rather than a silly digital
download (or worse, a web-stored version that can easily be deleted at
the whim or legal change by the website owners).
2021-09-09 12:48:13 UTC
Post by gggg gggg
I remember, working a film festival, the owner decided that because
he was Tribeka, Sundance & Cannes all rolled into one, films had to
be on BluRay, and it was so unpopular that practically nobody had a
player and even fewer had a burner. So to maintain the quality of his
World Class event he told filmmakers that if they got their screening
copies submitted on time we would burn them to BluRay for them.

That turned out to be true. For a lot. But mostly it was just a shit show.

I think by the next year everyone had moved to online screeners
anyway so the flirtation with BluRay ended...

When BluRay first came out I had made the conscious decision that
I would be unsubscribing from ownership. I chased & collected way
too many VHS tapes, and then even more DVDs and to hell with anyone
who thought I was going to buy everything all over again.

Besides, I was part of what was probably the last generation that
experienced life when everything wasn't available all the time. We were
vert late subscribers to cable -- had friends who had it when I was a
kid, but it never entered the house until I was a legal adult. No, until I
was already an adult, if I wanted to watch a King Kong or Wizard of Oz
I had to wait for that once a year event when it came on the TV,
commercials and all. So the idea of watching the Bob Fosse favorite
of mine whenever I feel like it, or that Humphrey Bogart classic, is
"Normal." Which means "Screw" BluRay and "Screw" this ridiculous
fake "Buying" a streaming copy.

Yes I'm bitter.

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